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Our passion has been to use data, genetics, relationships and sustianable management practices, to develop a resiliant breed of goats for the Australian goat industry.  Our operation involves breeding stud lines of Boer Goats to develop hardy and purpose driven commercial and cross bred animals, which serve to create huge production trait gains for meat goat producers around Australia, backed by real data!

Built on passion and experience

Our Herd

Premium genetics, the basis of profitability and sustainability 

We have developed our herd over 14 years of breeding history. Our bloodlines have been harvested from some of the top genetics around the world, with a twist. What we breed now, is the accumulation of experience and research to create animals built for purpose in the Australian climate.  

Consultation and Services

Our obligation is to serve the goat community

Through various scholarships, academic studies, research, and practical experience in the industry, we feel it is our obligation to provide farmers with all the know-how to succeed in goat farming. We offer our services from worm testing and pregnancy scanning to on-farm consultation, to help you achieve the most success and longevity in your goat production system. 

Three Main Stages To Expect When Your Goat Kids.

A guide on what to expect when kidding starts, and how to best be prepared for success!

Pieter van Jaarsveld

2021-07-06 4 min read

Prestigous Nuffield Scholarship Providing On and Off Farm Industry Reasearch for the Goat Industry

The team at Sunset Hill Boer Goats are conducting research in the goat Industry, having been granted a Nuffield Scholarship and working on an honours research project in conjunction with the University of Queensland and Meat and Livestock Australia.

Pieter van Jaarsveld

2021-07-06 1 min read

Preparing For Your Breeding Season

A quick guide to your goat breeding season preparations and tricks of the trade!

Pieter van Jaarsveld

2021-07-06 4 min read

Instagram feed

349 to go!
Another day for the cuddle committee! Growth going well on these stud animals! #boergoats #goatfarming
A Short article by @meatandlivestockaustralia in the feedback magazine about my research with @nuffieldaustralia and what I’m aiming to achieve for our goat industry! #goatfarming #boergoats
Young boots waiting for his next command 🔥🐐🐶 #mustering #goatfarming #workingdogs
Well kidding is underway of the baseline trial mob. First little boy born from a crossbred Doe weighing 3.2kg🙈and the other ladies are looking like wide loads 👌swipe to see the cutie of 2021 ➡️🔥#kiddingseason #farmingaustralia #boergoats #goatfarming
Exciting news!!!🔥🔥
With many projects on this year, collecting data is at the heart of it all. Currently my yards have been some roughly modified cattle yards to work the goats. 

As always, you have to use what you have, but finally it’s time to upgrade to a new set of goat yards to increase efficiency and decrease stress on the animals. So an update soon on the new yards is coming soon!!! Stay tuned!! #goatstagram #nuffield #goatfarming
Many enjoying their time at beef week! Although I would have loved to be there and catch up with many influential people, it has come at a time where mid season kidding has started for me! Here is one of the mobs showing much promise for the future! Many things to come will keep you guys updated!!
One of 5 mobs being worked this week for data collection on my current honours project. Looking into baseline data in Boer goats, rangelands and F1 crosses. All data points are around production traits. Total of 600 animals in the trial. Always good to work out in the sun!
This picture shows the capability of goats during drought. 2019 was hard on these girls yet held weight well! 🔥Diversification is a key factor in many farm businesses. Goats have proved to be an exceptional way of producing consistent fast income 💯 holding weight and surviving in natural harsh conditions. Many areas of Australia are in these conditions for a long time so this Nuffield research will hopefully reveal how producers survive with goats in these conditions and provide more information on how other producers can get into goats and diversify!!! 🐐🔥#goats🐐 #farmlife
Have had some incredible amounts of water over last 30 days! Although most of the time has been spent repairing fences etc, we are starting to head into the first batch of kids for the year. These are all part of the cross breeding data trial and these are the control group kids of full Boer parents. I am planning to head up north and down south in the coming months to talk to other large breeders about their production goals and data collection, to try and understand how we can better collect valuable data for producers and consumers in our growing industry. Cheers!!
An absolute Honour to be selected for this prestigious scholarship! My hope is to communicate with others in the industry here in Australia, to ensure my research supports and benefits the entire industry!  COVID is delaying our overseas travel but not only are we always pivoting and determined to provide value to the industry but we are prepared to ensure we gather all the relevant data! Thanks to Nuffield and MLA. Lots to come! #goats #nuffield

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