About Sunset Hill Boer Goats

At Sunset Hill Boer Goats, we believe in breeding backed by data. Although we are heavily invested in breeding top quality animals built for the Australian landscape, we don’t stop there. We provide animals with proven data behind them, so you know what you’re putting through your herd.

We are a generational farming family based in Gore, Queensland. We run a mixture of Stud Boers, Commercial Boers, Rangelands and Fx composite breed animals. Our operation is focused around seedstock with a twist. Our herd is comprised of 2000 breeding Does. Our operation is currently under various research programs running in conjunction with companies such as Meat and Livestock Australia, Nuffield International and the University of Queensland. With around 1500 animals having been used in trials and research in some form or another, we have been focused on establishing production traits for Australian goat breeding operators backed by science to establish which animals will provide certain traits to your herd and remove the ‘guessing game’ for you.

Along with research trials, animals on farm are currently being transitioned to Kidplan, an Estimated Breeding Value system. Furthermore, work is being done to incorporate DNA into our goat operation to ensure accuracy when purchasing and breeding these animals, helping to ensure you know what genetic value animals will have before they hit the ground.

We are also one of the only commercial producers of polled Boer goats. A special line of animals, our Polled Boers have been developed over a 14-year breeding regime. Selecting the Polled trait along with carcass and reproductive traits. Our Polled goats are being DNA tested in Europe, to establish a clear profile of their genetic make up to help further understand and drive this unique avenue of Boer goats. Polled Boer provide a variety of benefits. They reduce injury to other stock especially around feeding and pregnancy times. There is a huge reduced in bucks breaking legs by being caught behind horns. Animals don’t get stuck in fences which help to reduce labour costs and financial loss. Although these are useful to have in an operation, they are not the overall selling point of these animals. Our Polled Boer goats have had kids every year showing high levels of fertility. Bucks when joined in mobs, have proven to outperform horned boers in our herd. With high reproductive levels, unique carcass formation to forage more efficiently and supreme adaptability in tough climates to exceed growth expectations.