Consultation and Contracting Services

Our team:

Pieter (Shimi) van Jaarsveld

Dual Degree Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness Majoring In Livestock Production

Bachelor Science (Honours) Majoring in Animal Production

Nuffield 2021 Scholar- Researching values in crossbreeding goats and optimising value chains and value add of the goat carcass.

Our Services:
  • Farming enterprise consultation services for small ruminant meat industries

    • Operations and management development for your enterprise.

    • Breed plans

    • Nutrition management services

    • Feed Budgeting

    • Financial benchmarking

    • Production benchmarking and optimisation

    • Systems and integration management

    • Marketing and sales optimisation

    • Land care services

    • Supply and value chain optimisation

    • Pest control

    • Overall farm business plans

  • Rural Fencing

    • Fencing Quotation

    • material sourcing

    • multicombination fencing infrastructure

  • Pregnancy Scanning

    • Small ruminant pregnancy scanning

  • Faecal egg counting

    • FEC counts and data

    • Management plans

  • Services for farming enterprises

    • Stock work (mustering)

    • Working dogs

    • Yard work/yard design/yard integration systems

    • Data management deployment

    • Animal software management services

    • Large machinery operations